About Us

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What is PanelPrice.com?
PanelPrice.com is a realtime price comparison search engine for the solar panel end-user market.

Does PanelPrice.com sell any products?
PanelPrice.com finds, updates and lists prices of external merchants. PanelPrice.com does not sell any products. If you have purchased a product from one of the merchants listed on this site and you need assistance, please contact them directly.

What does "realtime price comparison" mean and how often are the price databases updated?
To make it short: Several times a day. But it's getting even better! Our merchants operate in competitive and volatile spot price markets. This requires them to adjust prices regularly and without prior notice. PanelPrice.com is dedicated to deliver realtime quality prices for any product at any given time. For this we have created a technology for on-site, visitor-initiated validation of price listings. We are sure that this increases the shopping experience and minimizes disappointment resulting from expired price information.

What if a merchant listed on PanelPrice.com accidentaly publishes an incorrect price or product?
Thanks to user-initiated price updates, pricing information on our site is always accurate. The catalog of products and specifications is maintained inhouse to ensure high content quality. However, if there is a price or product error, please notify us immediately.

Who runs PanelPrice.com?
PanelPrice.com is operated by HMG - Hightech Marketing Group

Who is HMG?
HMG is a marketing consulting company founded by sales, marketing and IT professionals. HMG focuses on the creation of marketing solutions that enable sales of hightech products and services on the internet.

Where is the HMG office physically located?
The HMG office is located nearby Cologne, Germany.

Who do I ask for advertising, product inclusion or business development opportunities
Contact Jens Bonerz directly on LinkedIn for any questions regarding the above. We will introduce exciting new features in the next months, so be sure to also follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the latest and greatest.